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Donovan said the chase ended when Lloyd’s car struck a concrete pillar after driving down Glenwood Place, a dead-end street, in Bond Hill. Lloyd then ran from his car but was caught a short distance away, where he assaulted one deputy, Donovan said. He said deputies subsequently learned Lloyd was wanted on warrants for theft and domestic violence. University of Cincinnati professors settled for smaller pay raises than they wanted and called off a strike partly because of emotional and economic fallout from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America.

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Before Sept. 11, professors demanded a 25 percent pay hike over the next three years and threatened to strike if they didn’t get it. But, over the weekend, faculty negotiators approved a tentative agreement calling for a 10 percent pay raise over the next three years. The professors also called off a strike threatened for Thursday, the first day of winter quarter classes. ”The situation changed after Sept. 11,” said John Brackett, chief negotiator for the UC chapter of the American Association of University Professors and an associate professor of history.

”Sept. 11 meant we had to adjust our expectations. A number of faculty were concerned about the appropriateness of striking and what the morale might be. ”Since Sept. 11, there also has been an economic fallout that has caused budget problems.” University negotiator Mark Stepaniak agreed that Sept. 11 was a factor in reaching the tentative agreement. ”I think Sept. 11 had an impact on the professors’ assessment of their demands,” he said. ”We started negotiating in May and finished in December and during that period the financial support for higher education eroded,” he said. ”The economy in the state of Ohio has not rebounded as quickly as people had hoped, in part because of Sept. 11. The university gets a significant portion of its funding from the state and since state budgets have been cut, that affects our ability to pay.” Brackett expects faculty members to ratify the tentative agreement and Stepaniak said he expects UC’s Board of Trustees to approve it.

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”Streicher was out of town Thursday, on his way to a national police conference, an assistant said.In the aftermath of the events of Sept. 11 that changed the world so radically, the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics have become a rallying point. The Games will go on. Peace and goodwill will overcome terror and darkness. But because of those events and the ensuing war in Afghanistan, U.S. athletes are facing another heavy responsibility, a very daunting burden.

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Win medals – or disappoint a still-healing nation. ”The first few days, before we win any medals, a lot of athletes might subconsciously be thinking, ‘Oh, I’ve got to win something for the U.S.,’ ” said Sean McCann, head of the sports psychology department at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. ”It’s so hard to keep your concentration during the Games anyway. I think it’s important that athletes don’t feel they’re carrying the whole country on their shoulders . . . On the other hand, it could be a great thing for some athletes.”It’s just something that’s never happened before.” Before Sept. 11, the physical advantages of playing host to the Games ap peared to outweigh the mental disadvantage of competing in the United States, where U.S. medal favorites will face the high-intensity scrutiny of the American media.

U.S. luger Courtney Zablocki of Highlands Ranch, Colo., has competed in front of more than 20,000 people before – but in Europe, not in the United States. Olympic officials are expecting anywhere from 16,000 to 20,000 mostly American fans to line the Olympic track in Park City, Utah, for luge, bobsled and skeleton. ”In Europe, the other teams always get lots of support, so it will be nice for us to have so much here,” she said. But having the Olympics in your back yard is more than just hearing cheers from the crowd. There’s less stress, logistically speaking. Many U.S. Olympians live in and around Salt Lake City, which means there will be no time-zone switches and no jet lag. Perhaps most important, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC and Wendy’s are all right around every corner.

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Former WorldCom chief Bernard Ebbers gave his most detailed denial yet that he had anything to do with improper accounting that bankrupted the telecom company. In a daylong cross-examination Tuesday, Ebbers said he “just didn’t see” glaring irregularities in internal financial papers that he reviewed. Regularly, one individual is in charge of overseeing resources and their Depreciation Of course, in a huge affiliation, these errands can change into full-time occupations for several people.

“If I would have noticed that, we would not be here today,” Ebbers told federal prosecutor David Anders. The former CEO said he paid more attention to other expenses, such as administrative costs. These costs are charged by debasing game plan, subsequently giving an approach to record to the buy of tough resources over a time of years. Audio tapes made public Tuesday indicate at least 1,500 conversations in which traders employed by disgraced energy giant Enron Corp. engaged in or discussed violations of federal regulations, a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staffer says.

Those tapes, including some collected by a Washington state utility, may have “only scratched the surface” of potentially illegal activity by Enron during the West Coast energy crunch of 2000-2001, the FERC staffer said in testimony released Tuesday. The comment came as the regulatory agency released on its Web site transcripts of thousands of hours of taped conversations involving Enron energy traders. Your tax Depreciation schedule timetable arrangement ought to breaker all the data you have to focus yearly corrupting, case in point, the first buy date, uncommon expense reason, and recuperation period. Most affiliations keep up debilitating plans in a spreadsheet program that exists outside their bookkeeping structures. The tapes contain enough information that there is “sufficient public benefit to be garnered from further review” of the transcripts, which could take thousands of man-hours to complete, said Patrick Crowley, an economist in FERC’s office of administrative litigation.

Crowley’s comment — and the release of the new transcripts — represent a victory for the Snohomish County, Wash., Public Utility District, which has pressed FERC to transcribe thousands of hours of phone conversations involving Enron traders. Tax Depreciation cost is bookkeeping and cash related reporting practice, utilized in an expansive manner by affiliations that pay charge on pay. The utility district, based in Everett, Wash., about 30 miles north of Seattle, has spent about $200,000 to transcribe and review some of the tapes in recent months. The utility hopes to prove an exorbitant contract it agreed to with Enron in January 2001 should be considered fraudulent because of Enron’s manipulation, and that the utility shouldn’t have to pay the $122 million Enron claims it owes.